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Hurricane Matthew ! 

Hey Beauties! As you guys may have heard, Florida is being slammed by Hurricane Matthew at the moment. We were on curfew from yesterday at 10pm till 2pm this evening.

The winds were very gusty and the rain was hard. Thankfully, not to much damage. Some trees fell down and our power went out for a LONG time lol. It actually came back on as I’m writing this. 

I live in central Orlando, so we didn’t get hit as bad as the east coast. Hurricane Matthew is predicted to turn around and hit us again. I’m praying it will just leave us alone as well as everywhere else. There’s also another hurricane named Nicole! 

I would greatly appreciate if you guys took some time to pray for everyone who was affected by this nasty hurricane. Many places such as Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Trinidad and other islands that I can’t think to name right now. Also, pray for the parts that didn’t get hit or are currently getting hit. The eye of the storm will be touching down on the east coast so lots of damage and storm surges will take place. 


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