Earn money easily! 

Hey Beauties! Happy Saturday!

I stumbled across this link for easy money! Basically you earn money by completing surveys!! You can cash in the money for gift cards and use the gift cards right away! 

It’s called Swagbucks and you guys can definitely click Here to start!

I already earned a $10 Starbucks gift card and a $5 target gift card as well as a $5 amazon card!!! Not to mention, under 2 months! 

And no, my account was not hacked lol! And it’s not one of those creepy money scams!! 
Hope you guys enjoyed this post! This post was not sponsored at all! As always, I love to share new discoveries with you guys!! 


Our first Trader Joe’s trip!

Hey Beauties and Happy Wednesday! Hope you guys enjoyed your Valentine’s Day yesterday (:!

I know this isn’t my usual beauty related post, but I feel the need to share with you guys every new thing that I absolutely love!!

We took a visit to Trader Joe’s to get a few things that was recommended by you guys!! A lot of you said to try the Concentrated coffee, Mandarin Orange chicken and Cookie butter!!

I apologize for not getting a pic of the concentrated coffee!!

So, here goes the review!!

The Mandarin orange chicken was made for dinner twice this week already and it’s absolutely delicious!!! My husband and I enjoyed it, not to mention my daughter loved it as well! I served it with a side of rice and didn’t have leftovers(: ! The price was roughly $5.99 I believe! And it was super easy to prepare!

The Cookie Butter was absolutely delicious as well! It has a consistency of peanut butter but definitely tastes like a cookie (: ! I ate it by itself. Lol half of the jar is probably done by now (:! It’s a great snack for the little ones as well. I believe it was around $3.99 or so? 

The Concentrated coffee Was pretty interesting because according to the label it has never been heated which was pretty neat! It tastes awesome! I usually add a little bit of milk and some Hershey’s chocolate syrup to the coffee and pour it over ice (: ! I believe this was around $6-7 not to sure!
Hope you guys enjoyed these new finds! Let me know what you absolutely love from Trader Joe’s! We ended up picking up Kung Pao chicken and it was sooooooo delicious as well! 

2016 Makeup Throwout?!?!

Hey Beauties!!! I hope each and everyone of you had an amazing Christmas! Now it’s time to get ready for New Years! I always love to do a deep cleaning because it just makes me feel put together! 

So, I decided to start with my Makeup first! I love makeup and trying new products and eventually the makeup just starts piling up! So, I decided to go through it and toss the old or expired ones! Yes! Makeup expires! I might as well do a love or hate for each product so the ❤ is what I like and the 😡 is what I didn’t like (:!

Left to right

  • Saks and fifth lipgloss in “41”-😡
  • Origins shimmering lipgloss-❤
  • Wet N Wild lip gloss-😡
  • Victoria secret lip gloss-❤
  • NYX round lipstick-❤
  • Wet n wild megalast liquid lip color-😡
  • The body shop lip gloss-❤
  • NYX round lipstick-❤
  • Mary Kay lipstick-❤
  • Wet n wild megaslicks lip gloss😡
  • Smash box mini primer-❤

  • Calvin Klein mascara-❤
  • Elf liquid eyeliner chubby-❤
  • Next 3 eyeliners-😡
  • Elf liquid liner-❤
  • Black radiance gel liner-❤

  • Butter London Iconoclast mascara-❤
  • Benefit They’re real mini-❤
  • Too facedBetter than sex-❤
  • Benefit They’re real full size-❤
  • Maybelline Rocket volume-❤
  • Anastasia clear brow gel-❤
  • Maybelline volume express-❤
  • Maybelline falsies-❤
  • Microcurl- ❤
  • Elf brow gel-😡
  • Revlon grow lash- ❤

  • It cosmetics compact foundation-❤
  • Smash box pore minimizes-❤
  • Stilla primer-❤
  • Philosophy supernatural airbrushed powder-❤
  • Milano baked blush in luminoso-❤
  • Garnier bb cream-😡
  • Bare minerals bare skin-❤
  • Maybelline fit me foundations-❤
  • Maybelline fit me powder-❤

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know what your traditions for New Years Eve are! I’d love to know ❤❤

Amazing Product Review: Skincare

Hey Beauties!! As the season changes, I like to switch my skincare as well. Living in Florida, we don’t have to much cold weather. The few weeks that we do get colder weather, I notice some change in my skin! Below are some products that I’ve been absolutely loving!!

By the way! My skin type is normal, but oily in my t-zone area! I also have large pores and acne scaring.

The first product I’m going to talk about is “Confidence in a cream” by “IT cosmetics”. This product is on the pricey side, but so worth it. It retails for about $48. I will say that a little definitely goes a long way.


  • Lightweight 
  • Great for any skin type
  • Decreases the size of pores
  • Leaves skin soft
  • Seen a change in my skin texture
  • Smells good
  • Anti-Aging 


  • Pricey
  • Not much product in jar
  • You may love this product way to much 😜

I’d give this product a 9/10 because it’s such an amazing product, but I wish they’d come down on the price :/

The second product I’m going to talk about is “Renewed Hope in a Jar eye” by “Philosophy”. It’s an eye cream. It retails for $51. Also another pricey item, but so worth it! I’ve noticed lots of eye creams being to heavy or taking forever to soak in the skin which sucks. This on the other hand has the perfect texture that I like.


  • Lightweight
  • A little goes a long way 
  • Very moisturizing
  • Brighter under eyes over time
  • Anti-Aging 


  • Pricey
  • Smells funny

Overall, this product gets a 8/10 because it’s pricey and it smells funny. lol

Hope you Beauties enjoyed these reviews! I added the candle in the picture as well because when I light candles it gives me some relaxation time and helps me fall asleep better also helping my skin because not stressing helps your skin as well! Let me know what your favorite candle is! ❤️

Makeup Inspiration: Christmas Edition 🎄 

Hey Beauties!! Happy first day of December ❄️!

Today I wanted to share one of my looks that I thought would be perfect to rock this Holiday!!  

I usually love pairing Any red lippy with gold, sparkly lids. This time, I figured I’d switch it up!

  • Foundation: Urban Decay All Nighter
  • Powder: Maybelline Fit Me-Matte and Poreless
  • Blush: A plummy colored eyeshadow from a Coastal Scents Palette (Lol Creativity at its finest) 😂
  • Bronzer: Rimmel Bronzer in “Sun Dance”
  • Eyebrows: Tinted brow gel in “Medium/Deep” 
  • Eyeshadow: All colors from Coastal Scents #3 Palette
  • Liner: They’re real Push up Liner from Benefit
  • Mascara: Perversion by UD and Roller Lash by Benefit 
  • Waterline: NYX retractable liner in “Black” (I HATE IT by the way lol)
  • Lippy: NYX lip liner in “Alabama” (I lined my whole lip with it and left it as is)

Hope you guys enjoyed  this post! Let me know what your Holiday look consists of!! ❤️

Tis the Season 🎄 

Hey Beauties!!! Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is nearby! 😊

Of course, we couldn’t wait to decorate our tree and put up a little bit of decorations to make it feel more holiday-like! 

^ Ok, how cute are these little Christmas trees that change colors and this little Snowman! All for $3 at Dollar General!

^The first ornament to go on the tree was a little “Hello Kitty” one and she was so excited 💟

^This year, we decided on a Santa Hat as the tree topper! 🎅🏾 

^After my daughter seen my husband put the topper on, she really wanted to put it on! 

^I found this cute reindeer sweater at Walmart for $9! How cute is it!!

^Ok, maybe I went a little overboard with Christmas stuff, but I couldn’t hold back on these cute leggings!! Santa and Candy Canes?!?! To top it off, it was $3.88! 
Hope you guys enjoyed this super quick post! It’s a little different then I normally post, but I couldn’t resist sharing! Let me know what you guys love doing for the Holiday time! ❤️

Awesome Lunch Date!

Hey Beauties!! 

So, after I did my makeup and hair, my husband took my daughter and I out to this awesome sushi spot! It’s perfect in my opinion because there are tons of other choices on the menu. I love sushi and my husband hates it! So, if you’re like my husband and I it’ll be an awesome place to go to as it has options for all!

We got some ice cream for our little one because she had some Mac and cheese before we left the house! She definitely enjoyed her treat!

I usually like to try different sushi rolls! This particular one was called “Mango Roll” and it’s Shrimp tempura, Avacado, Cucumber, Mango (of course), Tuna and it’s topped with a mango sauce! It was Delicious! It was one of their signature rolls so I had to get it! Plus, I love mango! 

My husband ordered “Chicken Katsu” which is basically chicken and a delicious sauce! I loved the presentation of the dish! They definitely made the carrots and lemon look so gorgeous!!

Ok, if you guys haven’t had fried ice cream before, you definitely have to give it a try! It was my first time trying it and it was absolutely delicious! We had the “Fried Green Tea Icecream” the corners of the plate was a like syrup which was quite refreshing! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you’re ever in the Orlando area, make sure to check this place out! ❤️